HVAC – Automotive Sector

As part of an Energy Management contract covering an automotive clients retail property, we identified two heat pumps at a site as suitable candidates to conduct an HVAC pilot installation on.

Following the site survey, a full Financial and Environmental proposal was submitted to the client, with expected savings Circa £1,173 per annum and a 29% ROI on a £4,000 CapEx.

The installation of the smart controller was installed in April 2017 and directly connected to the Heat Pump control card. Device level monitoring was established to isolate and monitor the heat pumps consumption. To prove results, the smart controller was placed into bypass modes on consecutive weeks with ambient temp also being measured by the local weather station as well as data loggers on site.

The results indicated on the following chart were astounding, with savings calculated at £1,500 per annum and an ROI of 38% with 2.6 year payback.

HVAC Case Study Graph