LED Lighting – Retail Sector

The client is a large retail showroom engage with LCS Energy to identify where savings could be made on their lighting consumption, a large proportion of their annual energy spend.

Following a site lighting audit, LCS Energy determined the most suitable lighting solution taking into consideration the function of the facility. The aim of this new lighting system was to reduce the client’s energy costs, reduce ongoing maintenance costs, create operational savings and provide better light uniformity.  LCS Energy also took into consideration the use of and occupancy of individual areas around the site.

The client has seen savings in excess of £10,500 per annum on their energy bills. The payback period was expected to be 3.4 years. LCS Energy continually monitor this site for verification and presented findings to be closer to a payback of 2.7 years.

As well as this the client will also benefit a 5 year warranty on their lighting products and from the HSE’s point of view reduce the risks that the poor lighting quality created.

Table 1.1 outlines the details of the current installation, the new installation and the savings associated.

LED Lighting Table Image