CHP – Leisure Sector

Our client recognises the importance of living within environmental limits and protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations. To maintain the customer environment and optimise energy delivery and use, and reduce carbon emissions the client looked to replicate the success of other CHP installations.

LCS Energy was awarded the design and build of plant and having analysed the consumption data along with day date temperature recommended the installation of a 50kWe CHP engine. The engine was sized efficiently to ensure maximum running hours without electrical export to the grid. To enable the new leisure centre to be operational and to save operating costs, the cogeneration unit was installed and interfaced with the existing plant room. To maximise the energy efficiency on site, a thermal link was established between the new boiler plant, cogeneration unit. The unit is operated for 23 hours a day, seven days a week during periods of occupation with all operation and maintenance provided by mobile teams linked to the dedicated 24/7 monitoring.

The cost of the installation is £102,000 and the payback period on this is around expected to be 3.54 years. The client will see savings of around £27,000 per annum on their energy bills. Table 1.1 outlines the details of the current installation, the new facility and the savings associated. The completion date for this installation was May 2016.

CHP Cost Calculator Image