Energy Management – Industrial Sector

MAPIT is the Energy Management system developed by LCS Energy to monitor at precise load points

The customer, an industrial feed producer has a clear vision and strategy of sustainability and energy saving. Following a site energy audit, LCS energy presented an Energy Monitoring proposal (MAPIT) that included the real-time data visualisation, analysis and management of the energy consumed across the business units.

LCS Energy installed real time energy monitoring technology to Measure and Analyse the clients’ electricity consumption across their industrial mill.  The analysis by LCS Energy’s data team was then Presented with a targeted program based on the clients’ business objectives, which was a 2 percent cost reduction year on year and an ROI within 5 years.

Following the Installation, the MAPIT program has achieved savings of more than £15,000 per annum with an ROI of just over 3 years. The continued Targeting of energy consumption at production line level continues to achieve reduced costs for the business.

As a side note, we also were able to verify the installation of energy saving technology (LED Lighting and Solar PV) with the data collected. The graph below represents Weekly energy use across the  site before the installation of the energy efficiency measure (highlighted in Green).

The customer effectively went from zero information to a full understanding of an individual production line’s impact on site consumption overnight.

Energy Management MAPIT Graph 1

Energy Management MAPIT Graph 2